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Savannah Fields might offer affordable housing solutions for Filipinos. However, Filinvest Land made sure that there are adequate array of facilities and amenities that residents can enjoy. These amenities enable you and your family to create lasting memories in your new home and community. Therefore, you should maximize these amenities for your own enjoyment to build not just a happier home, but also of a more healthy community.

One of the most notable facilities at Filinvest Land’s Savannah Fields is the main entrance gate. There are two entrance gates available and each one features elaborate architectural design that also reflects the theme of the entire subdivision. The entrance gate comes with a guard house wherein security guards will be checking all vehicles and individuals that enter the subdivision. Any unauthorized individuals or vehicles are not permitted entry into the subdivision. This is how you can guarantee your family’s safety once inside the subdivision. You can therefore live in peace and security knowing your family’s safety, as well as that of your property. 

The Savannah Fields community also has its own multi-purpose hall located at the subdivision’s central amenity area. Just like the entrance gate, the multi-purpose hall also features beautiful and exquisite architecture. Thus, it makes the ideal venue for your special occasions such as birthdays, reunions, and the like. This venue is large enough to accommodate a large group of people. It can also serve as venue for events that involved the homeowners of this subdivision.

Right next to the multi-purpose hall is the swimming pool area, which is another major amenity at Savannah Fields. The full-sized swimming pool is the perfect place to go to if you want to cool off on a hot day. You can go for a leisurely swim and achieve the relaxation you need to revitalize your mind and body. There is also a kiddie pool. Hence, you can feel safe knowing that your child can swim safely in a child-friendly pool. It is also located right next to the full-sized pool so you can swim side by side each other. You can therefore spend some quality bonding time with your family without the need to go far.

In addition to the multi-purpose hall at Savannah Fields, there is also an Events Lawn. This area is ideal for any social activities that are held within the subdivision. This space is suitable for any outdoor activities such as sports. Aside from the events lawn, there are other spots within this community that are designed for rest and recreation. For example, there is a kid’s playground area that you can bring your kids to when they want to play and have fun. On the other hand, there are also pocket parks and landscaped gardens that you can exploit. For the adults, there is a basketball court that is fully equipped to use for when you want to play your favorite sports. 

These amenities greatly enhance the quality of life for the future residents of Savannah Fields. In addition, the entire community is built with concretized roads that are wide and spacious.

  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Adult Pool
  • Elevated Kiddie Pool
  • Event Lawn
  • Pocket Parks
  • Basketball Court
  • Kids’ Playground
  • Tree Parks
  • Multipurpose Field
  • Landscaped Garden & Pathway
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